//The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling

Michael sauntered over to the bar where two heavenly visions sat talking to each other, their micro minis exposing almost all of their glistening tanned legs. Michael stopped right by them. They looked up at him, but his disguise made him unrecognizable, so they had little interest. He was not the Spandau Ballet member they were looking for.

Then Michael reached up and I could swear that he moved in slow motion and that someone, somewhere turned on a wind machine just for him.

He took off his glasses, slid the beanie off his head and shook his head side to side so that his long, flowing hair tumbled down around his shoulders and then seemed to blow backwards in that invisible breeze.

Suddenly the anonymous dweeb standing in front of the two models had turned from ugly duckling to swan, and transformed into the hottest, sexiest rock star in Australia, if not the world.

Michael leaned into the girls and whispered something softly. Not that he had to say anything, because at this point those girls were toast! They stood up and excitedly followed Michael as he walked back towards me.

He stopped, gave me a hug and as he pulled back on his beanie and glasses disguise said, “Thanks, Richard, but I got to go.”

I nodded, and watched in awe as the superstar left the club with the two women. Less than three minutes and he’d scored the two most smokin’ chicks in Sydney. And that, mom and dad, is why kids dream of rock’n’roll stardom!