//The Amazing Decade

The Amazing Decade

Whether you were born in the 80’s, grew up in the 80’s, or sing Duran Duran and U2 as your karaoke choices, that decade has left an indelible impression that touches every generation. Open a magazine, walk into any trendy store at the mall, turn on the radio and you find undeniable evidence of the 80’s continuing to thrive as a beacon for cultural icons. The hair, the clothes, the movies, and, of course, the music – live on and continue to generate legions of new fans hungry for more.

The 80’s isn’t just some fondly remembered phase in culture because of this hunger; it is alive, vibrant and amazingly, getting bigger and bigger as the years pass. Take for example the rise in popular TV shows that take place in that iconic decade. “The Goldbergs,” an American sitcom on ABC, which follows a Pennsylvania family in the 1980’s premiered in 2013 and is now going into its sixth season. The “The Americans” on FX which has received a dozen major awards including Emmys and a Peabody Award. And one of the most talked-about shows in years, “Stranger Things” on Netflix, has taken the world by storm in binge-worthy fashion by setting itself firmly in the 1980s with its casting, clothes, theme music, and logo.

But what makes this 80’s vibe so memorable and compelling? Where did the culture of the 80’s get the life-blood to earn its well-deserved place in history, while even today continuing to inspire new fans to join in and relive the fun and excess of that decade? The answer to that is the music.

The 80’s culture was established by the music scene. Artists such as U2, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Blondie, and OMD are more relevant than ever thanks to the people in the business who opened the door for their exposure on the airwaves. One such man, a legend among all the major music icons of the 80’s, is Richard Blade.

Richard Blade is best known as the top-rated morning drive DJ at KROQ in Los Angeles who shot to fame in the 1980’s. He introduced the American radio audience to British New Wave, which has enriched the music scene, changing it forever.

Since his time in the DJ booth in Los Angeles, Blade has furthered his career in TV hosting and directing, co-starring and writing movies, as well as winning many notable awards. Some of the awards received by Blade include The Golden Microphone, California’s Best DJ, and the ADJA Lifetime Achievement Award.

He has recently made yet another impressive career move by publishing his autobiography. Released in October of 2017 by Indigo River Publishing, Richard Blade’s best-selling book, World In My Eyes, is a fast-paced ride through his life and career, all while rubbing elbows with the biggest stars of the day like Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Berlin, INXS, George Michael, Pet Shop Boys, Morrissey, Michael Jackson and so many, many more. Blade’s autobiography is inviting and tantalizing, as seen through his distinctly unforgettable blue eyes. The story of his life, beginning as a handsome, young disco DJ in British clubs before crossing the pond to make waves with the second British invasion, provides the perfect answer to the question “What made the 80’s so great?”

World In My Eyes is available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Indigo River Publishing.

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