The energy at the 321 was pumping that night. I arrived early, about thirty minutes before my scheduled 10 PM start time, to make sure Terri’s name was on the guest list. The last thing I wanted was for her to get there and to be turned away at the door.

I took over in the booth right away and was cranking some of my favorite ‘go-to’ new wave club songs such as B Movie ‘Nowhere Girl’ and Pete Shelley ‘Homosapien’. The floor was packed and I needed a track to keep it that way. I bent over and was hunting through the milk crate full of records for the twelve inch of The Thompson Twins ‘Lies’ when I heard Terri’s first words to me.

“Nice ass!”

I stood up and turned around quickly. “Thanks, you mu….,” my words trailed off as I drank in her beauty. I was stunned for a moment. She literally took my breath away. The picture on the record sleeve didn’t do her justice. I doubted that there was a lens crafted on this planet that could.

Terri was short, blond, slim and incredibly gorgeous. But that wasn’t it. She radiated an attraction that can’t be put into words, an aura that reached into your body and grabbed your soul. She locked her eyes on mine, smiled and said, “Hello,” and with that simple word I was done.