//Sex Had Never Been Freer

Sex Had Never Been Freer

If you were in southern California in 1978 and wanted to go out to a disco then the Red Onion became number one on your list. All of the locations were packed seven nights a week with people looking to drink, dance and hook up.

Guys with hairy chests and shirts open to their waists bust out their best disco moves with girls in halter tops and tight, shiny Spandex pants that left nothing to the imagination.

The staff would joke how only carnivores came to the Red Onion because we were a total meat market, and the very lyrics of the songs encouraged the sexual atmosphere.

When I put on Donna Summer’s ‘Bad Girls’ or pumped The Andrea True Connection’s ‘More, More, More’ through the speakers I could spot from the DJ booth just who would be going home with who.

And often these eager couples wouldn’t even make it back to their apartments; every night you’d walk through the parking lot and see people going at it in their cars. The security were told to turn a blind eye to it. After all this was the disco era and sex had never been freer or more available.