//Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Watching Michael Jackson out there, alone, on the dance floor, putting together moves, stopping, correcting himself and then doing them again until he was satisfied is burned indelibly into my mind. As Marvin Gaye finished I told Michael that I had The Jacksons’ brand new ‘Destiny’ album to which he got excited and asked for ‘Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)’. He had no hesitation dancing to this; he had already perfected the moves for his own song and he floated over the dance floor as he sang and spun to the beat.

Michael walked over to me at my booth setup as the last notes of the Jacksons’ hit faded out.

“Do you have a cassette player?” Michael asked.

I said “yes” and pointed to the Panasonic beneath my console.

“OK,” said Michael. “I’ll be right back!” He raced away up the stairs.

Within two minutes he lived up to his word and reappeared clutching a cassette. He handed it to me.

“Could you play this? It’s a track I was working on today.”