Sex Had Never Been Freer

If you were in southern California in 1978 and wanted to go out to a disco then the Red Onion became number one on your list. All of the locations were packed seven nights a week with people looking to drink, dance and hook up. Guys with hairy chests and shirts open to their waists [...]


Landing in LA

I was unprepared for what I was seeing. The dazzling glow below me stretched forever. The 747 had been descending for some time but the sea of red, orange and white lights showed no signs of letting up - if anything, they were getting brighter. I tried to do the calculation in my head. If [...]


FBI Hold

I handed Sarah the VideoBeat funding check for six thousand five hundred dollars and she casually ran it as we talked. Then she stopped speaking and stared at her computer screen. She typed in a few numbers and looked again. I could see she was concerned. She scrolled down a little and tried to take [...]


Death of a Disco Dancer

One of my all-time favorite places to spin anywhere on the planet is The Palace in Hollywood. Located across from Capitol records, the home of The Beatles, Frank Sinatra and Duran Duran, and just yards from the intersection of Hollywood and Vine, it was a legendary nightclub and it had certainly earned its status. The [...]


A Richard Blade Type

“What did your agent say about the script?” Chuck asked. “She read it and said it wasn’t right for me, that I couldn’t play it.” Chuck was silent for a moment before he spoke, “You should know she sent someone else up for the part, but we really want you. I understand this is a [...]

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